Show Me Some Love


I’m going to put on my cranky pants this morning. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way or if it’s just my guilty reaction but I keep seeing the phrase “show me some love” when it just feels, well wrong. I saw a posting on Facebook of a friend that said if you want to help out go to the page and click and show her some love-for some contest of something their friend was entering. Now of course, I have the choice, no one was saying I had to, but I couldn’t help thinking that if I didn’t, does it mean that I don’t care for this person? If I don’t click on someone’s page to like it or support their fundraiser, does it mean that I don’t like them enough? Maybe it’s just a harmless phrase, maybe the people that use it just want to spread love wherever they can, and my reaction is cranky man.

It’s the same kind of reaction I get when homeless people ask for money and then when I say I don’t have any they say “God bless you.” Always felt like a guilt trigger. But maybe that’s just mine, that I’m not acting appropriately by showing all the love I can in every possible circumstance, that I can’t help them all out. Wouldn’t I run out? If I was clicking and pulling change out of my pocket at every request?  But I’ve always felt that showing some love was a special thought planned out, or maybe just a spontaneous feeling to call someone or send them a note or a card when I was genuinely thinking about them. So if I’m showing them love for their endeavors doesn’t that take away from the actual moments of love?

Then again, it could just be an over-reaction, and I oughta “just chill.” It’s just a phrase of the time and it’s not meant the way I mean love. Maybe if I went with it, the law of attraction might have more love coming my way. Although with all the requests, I might just overflow and turn into on big gushy ball of love. That can’t be that bad, I think I just need to take off these cranky pants and put on some chillin’ shorts and who knows, maybe it’s all meant with the right intent and the effects could be far reaching. After all, we probably all do need a little more love and we just need to ask for it.