Amusingz 14

Has there ever been an oyster still alive in the soup that tries to grab on to one of the crackers and float to safety?

I want to get a lot of money and see if I can get a big enough crane to see if I can lift an edge of the state of California like the puzzle we had of the United States when I was a kid in school.

How different would the impact of a cowboy be if their hat, boots, chaps, were made of felt instead of leather?

If a vampire bites someone with high blood pressure will they be filled with anxiety for eternity?

I’ve been flipping a coin all my life to make big decisions, leaving them to the fates. I just forgot I was  always a magician and it was a two-headed coin.

I look at the world through rose colored glasses, but that’s because my optometrist is FABULOUS!

God called, he wants the heavens and the earth back the way he created them.