There’s Hope

I have been delighted to have recently seen three singers that actually sung. Haley Williams from Paramore, the duo Icona Pop and Bruno Mars were all recently on television and they actually performed their songs, Ok, just for full disclosure I saw Bruno mars on an episode of Graham Norton on YouTube. I don’t know what the exact date is because it’s in Britain and they have a different time zone.

But man was it cool to see these talented performers, in their 20s, actually sing their songs instead of lip syncing or using special  effects for their voices. I pride myself in being able to tell. I can hear when a person is live more by the imperfections and that to me is perfect. And they were all good!  Really good.

You see, as a performer myself, I could never fake it. I could not introduce a magic trick and then super impose David Copperfield’s hands on to my own to perform the effect. I didn’t have the money to use high tech lighting to accentuate my curves or special audio equipment to deepen my voice. Nope, it was me and only me. But you can’t beat that. I had an actor come up to me after a gig in Los Angeles and tell me how great it was to watch a live performance like mine, that you couldn’t beat it. He’s a very funny comedian but he works in TV and film without a live audience.

So when you cheat by using gimmicks to perform, you just cheapen it to me. I am so inspired by seeing these three young performers and thinking they thought it was extremely lame when Ashlee Simpson mouthed the words on SNL back when they were still in high school. Bravo, you guys. Stop the reverb madness. Play those guitars, write those songs,  and don’t just sample other people’s genius.