Facebook Busted!


I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes it’s fun to find someone who you haven’t seen in many years, or learn something new about a friend, more often you’re just reading about people’s problems whose family and close friends don’t answer the phone anymore. I was about to quit Facebook when I started to write and I found out that you need to have social media activities in order to attract a publisher. So it’s become more professional for me, hooking up with friends and trying to post the occasional funny.

But I’ve also found an important element that most people don’t seem to know about. Well that or all my Facebook friends are idiots. Facebook is the equivalent of telling your mom you’re sick and then going to the video game store which is right near the dry cleaners. In other words, you can be found out!

Yep, you see I’ve discovered how people can be sooo busy and unable to get back to you yet they can like a video of a dog riding a scooter. They can’t return your phone call but they can play Candy Crush saga, which I still don’t know what it is. They’re internet has been down for days and have been out of 4G range, yet they’re miraculously able to post to their fan page.

I’m not here to scold those people who’ve tried to lie to me and blow me off. I’m here to warn those of you that may not have thought about it. Move carefully on the internet because you can be found out. We are so far away from the days of putting a match under a thermometer. Your every move has a print, so choose your apps, your device, your very location, carefully.

Or you may be busted. And actually have to go to your friend’s wedding.