For Lack of a Better Word…



I’ve always liked the phrase “for lack of a better word.” It teaches me so much-that I often talk too fast that my brain doesn’t catch up, that there are so many choices, and that I will always be learning.

Since I started writing it comes up more and more. While blogging I don’t necessarily put the pressure on myself, for me it’s all about trying to get something out every day, if possible. But when it comes to re-working a novel, I find more and more that the re-writing process gives you the opportunity and the curse to come up with another word. One that conveys the meaning and the tone. It’s a challenging yet daunting task. But it makes me realize that I’ll never stop learning, that I’ll never stop creating, and knowing that is very important in my life-to always keep growing, keep getting better.

Maybe that’s why web design is good for me as well. The f*cks at Apple, and Microsoft, and Windows, are so ingrained in competition that they are constantly improving their products and making my job more difficult, looking for the right code to bring out a webpage.

And there you go , maybe there was a better word. I think poopy pants would be better.