Energy Drinks

I was standing behind a man at 7-11 who was purchasing Rockstar Energy Drink and Muscle Milk. And after studying him for a few moments, I got to wondering if he thought that if he drank enough of this energy drink he could become a rockstar?

Every boy wants to be a rockstar. Well at least they did when I was a kid, today they may want to be a rap star. Judging from the number of white suburban kids dressed in backwards baseball caps and bejeweled with ridiculous and large garish fake gold chains, I’m probably not off. Fortunately is was less expensive in the 1970s, you just needed a pair of ripped jeans and a black t-shirt.

But the desire is the same, that of the lifestyle of great riches and great numbers of women, the ability to party all night long and not care about anything, and the adoration of the public. Not all the public, but when twenty thousand people are screaming at you that constitutes a very glorious world.

So does this man, and others, believe that there is a certain amount that he can digest and he won’t need talent or years of practice? Given the society that can make stars out of people from a YouTube video or an obnoxious stance on a reality television show the truth might not be that far off. But perhaps he’s not thinking of the quantity in the right measure, it’s not how many he has to drink over time but how many he needs to drink in a certain period of time to get completely whacked out of his mind and do something resembling “rockstar behavior.”

Let’s face it, the companies that make this must know it. It may be true that there is a different taste difference, but I’ve never had one. But the same way that Redbull touts “it gives you wings” this does seem to be geared to the male or female that wants to be amped up.

Who knows, maybe it is more than that. Maybe they do have a formula that works and you can consume enough to become a Rock God. After all, the other big seller seems to be Monster energy drink and there has been a growing fascination with zombies.

Oh and yes, I do believe he thought the milk would build his muscles. Technically it would contribute but there are better ways.