Raindrops are Falling on My Head


Last night as my group meeting ended and everyone stood up to leave, one of them suddenly cried out “it’s raining!” The rest nervously shuffled about as if in a 1950s newsreel and they weren’t sure which desk to use to “duck and cover.” Then I looked out the window; it was drizzling. This is Southern California.

My friends here may get mad but most get the fact that they’re wimps when it comes to weather, especially those who have travelled outside the state or spent a winter vacation somewhere else. The rain last night was a nothing, steady enough to soak my fleece (yes it was freezing too) but nothing to inconvenience. My bathroom sink gives a more pressure-filled stream and it’s an old building.

I quite enjoyed it. I walked a long time out of my way. It was a pleasant temperature and it really felt quite refreshing. As the  people of downtown Long Beach ran from the restaurants to their cars as fast as if they were escaping zombies (I imagine, I don’t know how fast zombies are) I strolled around wishing I had an umbrella and a fedora and could do a little “Singin in the Rain” number.

Yep, you heard me right I didn’t have an umbrella. Why is it that we flee from rain so easily yet we’ll stand under the pulsing shower for forty-five minutes. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have any good clothes, or hair, or no one I had to look good for, that it didn’t matter that I got wet. And again, IT WASN’T RAINING. It was ten percent over a drizzle I’d say. I passed by all the newly hung Christmas decorations and laughed at the irony of Christmas in California and well, loved it. I miss storms.

I write this at 6:30am and it’s still raining. I just went to the grocery store and the streets are quiet..and empty. I think people are using their sick days because it’s predicted to be raining all day. I bet the kids are praying for a snow day the way we did when a foot of snow dumped overnight. Maybe kids and parents will play a game together. Maybe they’ll snuggle and drink cocoa and bury their toes in a blanket.

After all, it is 63 degrees.



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  1. Ha! Wish it would storm really big.

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