My Christmas Music is Boring



Right around this time of year my Inner Jukebox starts playing Christmas music. But what I’ve discovered over the last few days is that my selection is very boring.

It seems that I am tuned to a very poorly run station that really likes to repeat the same two songs. These songs are “Christmas Time is Here,” which I know from the Peanuts classic Christmas special and “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” which I know because, I guess, it was written the year after I was born so I’ve been hearing it since the formative years. That might also explain why I’m always very suspicious because the theme from the Pink Panther was also released that year.

Of course, it’s more likely I’ve heard the song a gazillion times and it brings up the warm-fuzzy feelings the Holidays inspire and I enjoy. I do like that people can seem a little nicer this time of year and say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” instead of “Bwahh.”

So really I don’t have a complaint about the music selection, it’s just that I don’t know the lyrics so it’s really just the chorus that repeats over and over. Now one might say, “why don’t you look it up?” to which I would reply “why don’t you look it up?” because I would use the only defense possible when faced with an obvious question. But the thing is, I have, but they don’t stick.

Which is not like me, because I look up lyrics and I know a lot of songs. It’s just those two seem to be stuck. Oh well, things could be worse. At least I have two really nice things reverberating in my brain. So I’m good until the 26th.


4 thoughts on “My Christmas Music is Boring

  1. Been practicing Christmas carols for our Christmas program at the Christian school where my son and I work…and I’d love some “boring!” but what I had running around my head all last week was:
    Could you please stand still?
    Could you please stand up?
    Could you please open up your mouth and sing?
    Could you please close your mouth?
    Could you please hold the lyrics paper still?
    Could you please learn the words to each song, so we don’t need to ask you to hold the lyrics paper still?
    And on and on!!! I’m exhausted!!
    Ahhh…the Christmas joys of working with children!!!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

    • Oh that’s great. For about five years I taught gymnastics and we had a recital every Holiday season. And trying to teach four year olds how to do their part and repeating it over and over while they picked their nose, I can totally relate to what you said. Merry Christmas to you as well!

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