The Guilt of Blogging

Yesterday I hit “Publish” when I meant to hit “Preview.” That meant the entry for today was being sent out yesterday, a double. Now what to do. Leave today empty? Enter the Guilt of Blogging.

The Politics of Dancing, The Tao of Pooh and now The Guilt of Blogging. What to do? Does it matter? I don’t care what Megyn Kelly said about white and black Santas, I don’t care whether Beyonce’s new album is a hit or miss, does anyone care if nothing eeks out of this computer today? After all, I often stockpile a couple of blogs so it’s not really like I’m on a set schedule.

But here’s the thing. I’ve been crafting and building this blog. I have been developing it like I did my magic show. I had a flawless 45 minute show. I’m not saying that out of ego, it came from twenty years of doing it until there was not a wasted moment. Unless I chose to create one.

And I’ve been working at this the past year and a half with this blog. I’ve been crafting the kinds of entries in the hopes of giving you, the audience, the kinds of laughs they would want. So when I inadvertently published today’s yesterday, I feel as if I took away the quick laugh that my Bugs series can bring-the kind of thing one wants on a Monday.

So what to do? Create another quickie, would that satisfy you? Oh the responsibility. And no it’s not you, it’s me. You see, I look at this as a performer and now my timing’s off!  Does this mean the whole week is now off? Because now I’ve crafted a longer blog that I reserve for Tuesday and Thursday.

And I know what you’re thinking. You wrote two yesterday, shut up, give us a break.


9 thoughts on “The Guilt of Blogging

  1. Black Santa I don’t understand.

  2. I thought your post was going to be about the obsessive guilt of blogging…as in, “I really should be doing something else, like cleaning my house, or something! Or doing something I actually get paid to spend a lot of time on!!”

    That I could relate to…but you’re on your own about this whole “timing” thing! Ha!

    • Hmm, which one of us is more OCD?

      • Me, definitely!!! Now leave me alone..I’m blogging!! Ha!

        Merry Christmas! And thank you for always making me laugh!!

      • Oh man you’re so welcome, it is absolutely my pleasure. Give me a topic and I”ll write a special blog for you. 🙂

      • Let me see…Hmmm…”people who irritate you!” (In a funny way, of course!)

        Like…I’m irritated by people who won’t let my morning coffee settle in, before they start demanding things…like decisions! Ha! (Hubby that was for you!!)

        Or those people who obviously don’t know what leaving a message on my cell is all about…”Call me back!” is not a message!! What do you want?!?! E-mailing me with ‘Call me back” is not acceptable either! (You people know who you are!!) Ha!

        Okay, Jeffrey, your turn!!

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