Water Cooler Talk 12-18-13

Weekly random thoughts. Since I’m self-employed it’s my version of water cooler talk: no one to talk to so it goes out to cyberspace.

Are all the other seasons jealous of this one being the “’tis”?

Are you supposed to eat humble pie with a glass of the “milk of human kindness” that Scrooge got?

If people could channel the spirits of their dead relatives would they wish there was cable in the after-life so there were more choices?

If the tango is the dance of love then tweaking must be the dance of self-love.

I’ll bet bagels don’t consider donuts family.

This has go to be one of the days when the elves are threatening “never again.” Then they get the Holiday spirit and see it through, it’s their “wall.”

If graham crackers had not existed would  ‘smores have happened with Ritz?

Pizza really is like the testing ground for democracy, they just keep putting things together to see if they can get along.