Water Cooler Talk 1-8-14

Weekly random thoughts. Since I’m self-employed it’s my version of water cooler talk: no one to talk to so it goes out to cyberspace.

I think the real “Family Feud” starts after the game show when the families have to split up the winnings. That could be its own reality show.

I’m working on a song for the 12 Days of New Year about resolutions being broken one by one.

I’m going to start rubbing Cheetos all over my body so I’ll look sunburn and people will go “awww.”

So along with much of the country, hell froze over this week and now I have a lot of dates this month.

Bananas are so nice because they’re so easy to peel and then they go and get a bad rap because people are dumb and don’t see them just lying there.

I wonder why squirrels don’t need to eat a more balanced diet?

I wonder if members of Congress have to have their spouses balance their budgets at home?