It Should All Be Disney

Why can’t the world be Disney instead of there just being a DisneyWorld?

I see a lot of commercials for Disney watching programs on Hulu and I wonder if Walt would have lived, or his head unfrozen, could he work his magic on the whole world?

Why can’t we have speedy monorails that look fantastic and add to the aesthetic of the land? Why can’t people be happy to spend time with their families? Why can’t people wait in line and be ok with it?

Is it possible that people would then not enjoy their vacations enough because they wouldn’t be “getting away from it all?” Is it the happiest place on Earth because you get away from the unhappiness?

The world is already over-priced so it can’t be the money that’s preventing us from living like Disney. Our technology is more advanced than a lot of the older rides in Disney so it can’t be that.

But people don’t want to normally pick up after themselves or see a stray piece of paper and toss it in the waste bin. Folks don’t just value the time spent with their kids while they wait in an hour and a half line. And heaven forbid you just smile all day and get lost in the magic of being alive.

Yeah, it probably wouldn’t work. Because we don’t have to pay to entire the gates of our normal life so how can we know the value?