The 31st Second

It really is amazing how much they can get into a thirty second television commercial—amazing images to entice us, sayings to infiltrate our brains, and jingles to annoy our friends and family because we can’t get them out of our heads. But those glorious thirty seconds of perfection and happiness portrayed end just in time. It’s what happens after the cameras stop rolling that has my curiosity.

It was inspired by the latest commercial for Diet Coke where different people who are about to do something big—a best man giving a wedding toast, an woman about to go into an auction and even Taylor Swift presumably prior to her concert—all take a big swig of their Diet Coke that makes them ready for anything.

Ok, so what we don’t see, is any one burp.

Nope, we never see the truth in any of these things. We don’t see the girl blow the audition because she had two diet drinks waiting the two hours for her audition and she was totally jacked up on caffeine.

We see the young people on a tree swing flying into the lake in all the beer commercials but we don’t see the one idiot that isn’t sitting right, doesn’t jump at the right time, and ends up in the tree.

All of the happy, smiling kids munching on burgers and fries and no pictures of the ones that can’t make it through one game of tag on the recess asphalt.

All the people hitting the open road in their brand new sports car, but nobody getting a ticket for driving the speed shown in the commercial.

All of the women looking fabulous in the latest fashions, dancing their way through life, but none of the women who are unable to pay their credit card and bugged day and night by debt collectors.

And of course, all of the people whose depression and anxiety are lifted but none of the the ones that are affected by the side effects with aches, pains and poopy pants.

Nope, we just get all the pretty and none of the truth. In thirty seconds the world looks so colorful, so happy, so joyous. But it’s that thirty first second you have to worry about.


One thought on “The 31st Second

  1. Yup!!!!

    Watching Chicago PD On-Demand last night with hubby…where our Fast -Forward feature doesn’t work…and since you’re speaking about commercials…I can take the first time the Tylenol for Children commercial comes on, but when it comes on 6 times in a one-hour show…I’ve had it!!! My hubby says it’s to get my attention, and in case I slipped out of the room to get a snack and missed it!! But, really, it just makes me annoyed…and want to run to the grocery store and knock all those boxes of Children’s Tylenol right off the shelves!! There, I’ve had my say!!

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