A Conversation Between Angels LXXXII

“Hello Everyone, welcome. For those of you that are new I’m Pontius Pilate but I prefer Phil now. This is a very big week for me, I said I would spend eternity atoning for my sins so here we are.”

“Yes, Mr. Pilate?”


“Yes, Mr. Phil?”

“No just Phil.”

“Ok, I’m new here, do we all atone forever?”

“No, No, just my choice, but mine was a big one.”

“Oh, ok, thanks.”

“Anyways, I am always making it up to Jesus this week so we need people for breakfast in bed. If there’s any one new that is a stylist we want him looking good and smelling good. Of course everyone loves him but it never hurts to have that reinforced.”

“Is there anything special for Sunday?”

“Yes, thank you. Our Father likes to lead us all in a chorus of ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow.'”

“He deserves it.”

“Yes he does.”