A Conversation Between Angels LXXXIII

“My Lord, he’s in a good mood!”

“Isn’t that redundant, My Lord and he?”

“Well I’m Jewish so to me it’s just an expression. What do you think is making him so happy?”

“Well you do realize what today is don’t you?”

“Yeah Sunday.”

“Yes but it’s Easter Sunday.”

“Again, Jewish.”

“Right but you know what the Christians believe.”

“I do, they tell me all the time.”

“No I mean that Jesus died and rose from the grave on Easter Sunday.”

“Oh yeah right, that old chestnut.”

“So every year that he doesn’t have to go through that again, he celebrates like it’s 33 AD.”

“Ah, get it. That’s nice.”

“Nice? Look at the joy, the hoopla, the music.”

“Obviously you never went to one of our bar-mitvzahs.”