A Conversation Between Angels XCIII

“What are you giggling at Ruth?”

“I was just remembering this silly television commercial.”

“Weren’t they all silly?”

“Well yes but this one wasn’t that silly, it was just the acting. It was for this computer pad, or e-reader or something, and this guy pushes the help button and a real person appears on the screen.”

“Yeah, yeah, I remember that one.”

“And both the guy’s reaction and her laugh at his reaction were just so fake.”

“I don’t really remember that.”

“Well it doesn’t matter, it just made me think about how you could always tell the real people on Earth from the ones that were fake by stuff like that. You know, a fake laugh or smile or compliment.”

“Yeah, it’s nice that everyone here is so happy and joyous. No reason to be phony.”

“That’s just it—what if they’re all faking it?”