A Conversation Between Angels XCVI

“Hi you’re new here. Are you ok, you seem so nervous?”

“Well they say you can’t take it with you, but I did it. I brought it with me.”

“You’re kidding, you’ll be the first person ever. What did you bring-money, jewels, art?”

“My integrity.”

“Ha ha. Oh that’s ok, that’s welcome, that’s not what they mean. It’s the physical things that are only of value there.”

“Well it was so rare I thought it was of great value?”

Water Cooler Talk 7-16-14

Weekly random thoughts. Since I’m self-employed it’s my version of water cooler talk: no one to talk to so it goes out to cyberspace. 

I wonder why banana peels aren’t recycled at clown colleges?

We know that there’s life in food, so I wonder if it feels “exposed” when people put their meals on display on social media?

As a kid we were placed into Toughskins jeans from Sears—not quite so tough, where are they now?

Has a bird watcher ever encountered a bird staring back at him through binoculars?

I just heard the Elton John song and realized the lyric “it’s a little bit funny this feeling inside” is not about gas. Man have I been getting that wrong for a lot of years.

I never did understand why the cop had a problem with the guy Singin in the Rain.

If kids took a class on common sense instead of trigonometry would they use it in life?

Do parrots ever correct people’s bad speech?

I wonder how many lemonade stands never paid taxes?