I Want to Be Peanut Butter


I want to be peanut butter because then I would only know love. The only person that doesn’t like peanut butter is my mom and all she does is make that icky face. That I can handle.

She wouldn’t yell at peanut butter, take it away from my father or me, or pick up a jar at the grocery store and throw it into the tank to be eaten by lobsters.

I want to be peanut butter because you wouldn’t know conflict. The biggest decisions are smooth or chunky and either way it’s still me. It’s like the sensitive me or the sarcastic me. I’m happy if you enjoy either one.

I want to be peanut butter because everyone can have me, no economic class is out of my reach. Everyone can afford me, everyone can enjoy me, I am accessible to the masses. I can serve and give to all.

I want to be peanut butter because whenever someone has me, they have difficulty not smiling*. And they definitely don’t frown. I’ve made them happy.


*Except for my mom.


4 thoughts on “I Want to Be Peanut Butter

  1. Your mother…and all of those people with nut allergies, killer.

  2. Great bedtime snack with crackers, or apples…full of protein…yup, you’re right!!

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