A Conversation Between Angels XCV

“Welcome to the Newcomer’s Support Group. Obviously you have feelings about what you left behind. Sandy how about you?”

“I miss my kids, I hope and pray they’ll be ok.”

“Good, and we encourage that here. But know that they miss you very much as well.”

“I do.”

“Ok. Joan how about you?”

“I miss my husband. I’m afraid he’s going to eat nothing but grilled cheese for the rest of his life.”

“Heh. I’m sure he’ll learn to make more and I’m sure he feels your love.”

“Thank you.”

“And what about you Josh, you’ve got a big smile on your face?”

“Yeah Joan made me think of something. I miss nachos.”

“Nachos? You miss nachos more than your friends and family?”

“No. I loved them. I just loved them more when we also had a plate of gooey, cheesy nachos.”