The Winds of Change

The winds of change certainly seem rather still, don’t they? Actually more like blowing in the other direction, or sucking in instead of blowing out.

When I see a headline about Obama ordering air strikes I just can’t help wonder—um hello— we’re still fighting all over this world in 2014? No one’s immune, no one’s better. Everyone’s doing it. I just have a little trouble thinking that humans are the most evolved species.

Shouldn’t we be done?

I am so naive, here’s my logic: what if you took all the brain power that’s being used strategizing, executing, and cleaning up after fighting and put it to a different use for, say, I don’t know, Scrabble? Of course there’s more important things like world peace, but I don’t want to suggest an entire one hundred and eighty degree shift overnight. Let’s start slow and just play Scrabble. It will use critical thinking and still involve something of a “battle.” After all, you can’t play Scrabble alone.

And then while all the world leaders are playing Scrabble, we grab up all the scientists that work on the technology of war and bring them over to another lab where they work on the growing global warming problem. It’s the magician in me—look at the left hand waving about while the right does the dirty work.

I guess that’s the other thing that’s too much in me—magic. The kid that loves Willy Wonka doesn’t understand why the world isn’t a nicer place yet. But the adult in me is a big fan of Wallace Wattle’s writing who says “the world is just as it should be, becoming greater.”

I just wonder when.

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  1. Me, too!!

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