Happy Birthday Mom

My mom is a big fan of my Weekly Water Cooler Talk on Wednesdays, so this is her very own special edition. Hopefully others can relate. 🙂



Pasta and bread is to Italians what breath is to everyone else.

A woman’s need for too many shoes is, well, irrational to men. But to a woman it is 100% rational and necessary. So deal!
Marshmallow peeps are a food group and not to just be eaten on holidays.
Gone with the Wind is not the greatest movie of all time, it’s Young Frankenstein.
The proportion of butter to bread is “shut up about cholesterol, it tastes good!”
Potato chips and dip are an acceptable meal, provided you have the kettle chips because they’re classier and it’s like a gourmet meal.
Short people are closer to the ground and therefore more in touch with the Earth, nature and spirituality. Take that you six-footer!
Family is the most important thing, although the money to shower said family with Christmas gifts and decorate the house to entertain said family runs a close second.
It is imperative that the home be decorated for Halloween and Christmas in all it’s splendor. As to Thanksgiving and Easter—eh, what can you do with a turkey, eggs and bunnies?