I’m Ok Getting Old


In my 20s I was a fanatic about knowing all the latest bands and hit singles, as well as information about them. But that was long before social media and trends and memes-which it turns out is not the name of a band. I’m so happy I don’t have to keep up.

There was a joke in some show about grinder. As it processed through my brain I realized it probably wasn’t a reference to coffee brewing or the people that can’t control their teeth at night. So I took to the Interwebs (as us old folks call it) and found Grindr to be an app that helps gay and bi-sexual people find friends. Hmm. That’s interesting.  How nice for them.

How nice that they have a specialty app and how nice that there’s a specialty app for tall people to find love, but they might want to wait for the new bigger iPhone. But man am I glad that I don’t care. It must be so hard to keep up with everything that now changes so fast.

Oh my God, it’s like Facebook was popular but that’s so not now, it’s Instagram this week and who knows what next week. And you have to keep up with who to follow and why, although the latter doesn’t seem that important anymore. It seems exhausting to have to look at so many websites and RSS feeds and social media apps in order to stay abreast of what’s going on and look cool in front of your friends. I mean, ultimately that’s why I tried to learn everything about bands and music. Because that’s when you could impress some girl at a record store or a concert. I wonder how you could possibly get someone’s attention now. You would have to be simultaneously podcasting, taking video, blogging and posting all at the same time. No wonder our education system just keeps going down, how can kids possibly ever do school work?

Phew. I’m just happy I’m at the point where I don’t care if someone expects me to know something. I just want to read about the things I’m interested in and write my little blog and novel. And listen to the music that I used to be so obsessed over.


Actually I still love new music. This is my current favorite.

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  1. I can so relate!!! I’m in the same room…with my son and his friend playing some game on the computer…listening to whatever it is they’re talking…screaming…about while playing the game…But I have no clue!! Ha!

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