Oh hulu hulu hulu

An Open letter to Hulu


Oh hulu, in the beginning you so lived up to your name—you were different, you were vibrant, you were fun to be with. But I guess the allure of money made you cheapen your wares like a plastic lei.

I’ve never been able to understand. Maybe one of your execs will chance upon this blog and help enlighten me. I understood the change in the beginning when more commercials started to air. I knew that initial, I think it was only like 15 seconds each break, couldn’t last. It was just too good to be true. But I didn’t blame you. The writers struck to get more money so you had to get more ads. It was never more than a normal television show so I didn’t mind.

But then you started to take episodes off quickly. They could only be watched for a short period of time. Unless you wanted to subscribe to hulu plus. Oh for shame. You didn’t want to just keep your niche little market, you had to try and compete with Netflix and Amazon. Wasn’t it enough that you were getting advertisers, wasn’t that enough for you?

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 8.06.45 PM

And lately you’ve really gone and done it. You started running ads like the one above where the fact that you had to subscribe to hulu plus to see that show was getting to be in smaller print. You were hiding it. Were you being deceitful, or were you ashamed?

Because we miss you hulu, those of us that are financially challenged right now miss you. We need your free programming to keep our spirits up. Please don’t let us down, please don’t slowly fade into subscription land and ignore all who visited you when you were alone on an island. We need you.