In With the New-Trients

Just two days ago I mourned the loss of something important in my life and a good friend. My new juicer.

But the hell with that, I got a brand spanking new one!!!!


Now leave it to mom. She saw the post the other day about losing my juicer and even 2300 miles away she knows her child needs nutrition and how much my juicing is part of every day. So she took care of it for me and I’ve got this brand new one. Thanks MOM!

Man look how it shines! I’m afraid to use it. I remember just two days ago when I had to dispose of the old one. It was stained with the orange of carrots. This one’s so beautiful, it’s aluminum finish reflecting the light and I don’t want it to discolor. I want it to remain pure.

But I’m gonna be out of orange juice tomorrow. I’m gonna need to take it for a spin—literally. I think I’m gonna go bold and see if I can find some pineapple and dare to mix orange, grapefruit and pineapple. It’s got two speeds, I bet it can handle it.

The juicing won’t cease, it can’t. Out with the old and in with the new. I’ll miss you Power Juicer but the Breville is mine now. I’m well taken care of, you can rest easy.