Black Friday Training

In just two weeks one of the most exciting and busiest shopping days of the year will be upon us. Are you excited?  Are you ready? I can’t hear you above all the others that are ready! But I’ve got two weeks to get you in shape, and everything you need is right in front of you.


First off diet. Now others might say that the Thanksgiving meal is like pasta for a marathoner but even as a vegetarian I know I don’t want to do anything the next day, so I suggest you start over-eating right now. That way your stomach and system will not be so taxed with stretching and you’ll be more inclined to be used to the feeling of being incredibly full yet getting out of bed and actually progressing beyond the couch.

Mental training is key and so for the next two weeks I want you to watch the news, read the headlines on and Huffington Post WITHOUT ANY REACTION. Prepare yourself to be disappointed by things not going the way you want them to so that you’re not side-stepped by any emotional attachment to any specific purchase.

Last and most important, start taking the train during rush hour and position yourself directly at the point where the doors will open so that you can get used to the pushing of those people getting off the train as well as those from the back who are trying to get on. If you really want to “max” your training go to a Taylor Swift concert so that you can both feel the pressure of the bodies as well as the shrill of the crowd, that way you can really learn to tune out all your surroundings and focus on your goals.

It’s a big day, there’s a lot to accomplish and a lot of people doing the same thing, but YOU CAN DO IT.