The Real Reality Television

On a recent binge watching television online, instead of reading or even watching a movie because I didn’t  feel like I could commit, I ended up seeing the same things repeated that brought me pause. I’d like to share them with you.

Detectives on cop shows don’t really run that far and always tackle the suspect.

It seems to me that they would have to run a lot further. The majority of  the “perps” depicted in these tv police dramas are usually much younger than the cops and I just don’t see them being caught that quickly.

Are any of the Real Housewives shows about real housewives?

I’m really asking here because I wouldn’t even try to watch one. I watched one that spoofs them because I like some of the people and I didn’t think it was funny. But again, I don’t really know what they’re parodying.

See what I’d like to see is real moms, because I worked in children’s entertainment for many years and there’s a lot of drama. Just imagine a show where it details the lives of women putting together a school fundraiser. If you ever want to see fake emotion, power struggles and even tears, you couldn’t ask for more.

I’ve just never been in a restaurant where people look that happy to be eating breakfast.

Ok, I won’t name names here (your clue is kangaroo) but I have seen numerous commercials from this one restaurant chain where everyone is just ecstatic eating there– every bite is a delight, laughing while they take slow measured bites between smiles.

Ok-that’s where I have the problem. Either everyone I know is a pig, and this doesn’t happen to others, but the majority of the time the people at the table are ‘wolfing’ down their food when it gets there. Especially breakfast. Be it hungover, waiting in line, or taking too long to actually get to breakfast, everyone wants that food and wants it now.

I’d like to see the camera pan around the table to see belts being undone, lots of groans and patting their belly. Then you’d see a place people would be happy to be at.

That’d be reality.