Water Cooler Talk 12-31-14

Weekly random thoughts. Since I’m self-employed it’s my version of water cooler talk: no one to talk to so it goes out to cyberspace. 

Is it gonna be as much fun to party in 2999 as it was in 1999?

Why is it called social media when it’s really the definition of anti-social?

I wonder how many people are already resolved to a really big hangover?

While visiting my parents for the Holidays I found a brussel sprout I hid when I was six…it tastes the same.

Did baby dinosaurs need water wings when they first learned to swim?

I’ll bet there’s at least one Keebler elf that has wanted to experiment with light puffed pastries.

I’ve never broken a single bone on a stick or stone, and neither have any of my friends or relatives. Names though, ouch.

Do skeletons think they’re fat?

My fortune cookie said I would eat a lot of Chinese food this year.