Can’t We Just Have Fun?


Saturday Night Live aired its 40th Anniversary Special Sunday night, which I didn’t get to see until Monday.* Before I did, I saw a myriad of criticisms about the show and its lacking. I still liked the show, the haters didn’t ruin it for me. Why did they not just have fun?

I’m sure that there is a party, an event, a celebration in your past that is the “most fun you ever had.” But if you analyzed it, someone got drunk and acted like a jerk, you probably wore the wrong thing, or the food wasn’t really that good. But it didn’t matter! It was the total experience that you walked away with.

I’ve had friends who, the moment they walked out of a movie theater, started critiquing it. They would get mad at me because I didn’t have opinions about it. Luckily I seemed to disarm them by saying “I just want to enjoy it for a bit, absorb it.”

There’s so many blogs, feeds and sites to be filled with reports that no one gets a chance to just enjoy it. Loren Michaels made a great statement in an interview before the show about how everyone talks about how the cast “they grew up with” was the best. Because they ended up just remembering the good. I saw the very first Saturday Night Live with George Carlin. I was blown away. And I loved taking a trip down memory lane and seeing all the clips. How the hell do you take over 750 episodes and cram it into 3 1/2 hours. I thought they did a great job.

*Hell NBC even made me laugh when I couldn’t watch Sunday night. Because you could only watch the live stream if you signed in with a TV provider. You wild and crazy guys, why would I be looking online if I had a TV?