A Conversation Between Angels CXXXIV

“Why is everyone whispering.”

“Oh it’s a bad week for old JC, you know you can forgive but you won’t forget.”


“So a couple of pointers—don’t mention Dad, you know the usual don’t bring up crosses, hands, feet, oh and probably not a good time to ask if he wants to go for a walk.”

“Got it.”

“And whatever you do, absolutely do not ask if he’s in the mood for Italian.”

A Conversation Between Angels CXXXIII

“Hey, Bill, good morning, come sit with us.”

“Hi, thanks, Stan.”

“Lovely morning isn’t it?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Isn’t all this lovely fruit and juice just beautiful?”

‘Yeah Rose I guess it is.”

“Anything wrong?”

“Nope, nope.”

“Well then, why don’t you say Grace?”

“Ok. Bless Us O—hey do you think he’d mind if after I think him for the gifts I ask if we could have bacon tomorrow?”