Social Medium

The title to today’s post began a few months ago as a working title for my comedy—Social Medium: not tall, not too short, but like to talk a lot. But as I perused Facebook the other day I realized that it is, for me, what most people are doing with social media—using it only to a medium effect on society and most often using it as their medium to be seen and heard.

I guess if it satisfies the latter than who am I to judge? Well here in my mind I’m judge and jury with no one to argue, so…me!  What I don’t get is how people do it? I just assume no one cares what I ordered for dinner. I just assume no one cares where I’m at, where I’m going, where I’ve been. And I just assume no one cares what my feet look like at the beach.

But that’s just me. I have had many years of performing in front of people, making them laugh and yes, being applauded. So I don’t need the attention or praise.

But I think when it is just plain medium is when someone thanks someone on Facebook instead of thanking them in person. Especially when that person responds. Cause that means a) could have thanked b) in person, most likely did, but is using the veiled notion that they want them to see it again in public to disguise the fact that they want to show others how great they are for thanking.

Now maybe I’m being cynical but the point is that we’re only using these forums to half, if not less of their potential. Thank those people in person and show your gratitude on something that reaches across lands and cultures! So much time is spent crabbing because no one’s listening to us and because no one’s there for us to see get hurt by what we say. It bugged me the other day, I was about to quit, but then social media cocked it’s head and gave me ‘those eyes.’ It always does it, just when I’m ready to chuck it all, something ‘pulls me back in!’

This is what I think we should be seeing a lot more of. Warning: I cried like a baby, probably because my soul needed to see this pure human expression, but hold off on this two minute video if you’re someplace you’re not free to feel vulnerable. It’s beautiful.