Shuffling of the Feet


I don’t know if it’s because I’m a pedestrian that I notice it more, but I’m concerned about the growing number of people I see that are having trouble raising their foot one after another, they seem to be only able to drag them along! I am concerned about the evolution of humanity.

I have written in this blog that I fear that people’s thumbs are naturally becoming smaller to adapt to the need to text, and with the release of the Apple watch and the possibility that we shall require even smaller digits I fear we will eventually turn into small T-Rex’s with big bodies and tiny little hands flailing about the screen.

And this observation about people not being able to lift their feet seems to be in correlation, for the majority of them are texting, probably multi-tasking in their brain about the order of importance of returning an email, a text, or surfing for the latest cat video, and therefore the brain is not able to render the proper amount of electricity to enable the correct walking function.

Perhaps it’s just normal evolution, we once needed to run from prey and our enemies and now all we need to do is follow their Tweets. I am looking at it as a detriment when it is possible that those same people are operating with a greater percentage of their brain use in the proper channel. They don’t waste time walking, paying attention to others or getting distracted by silly things like the physical body. They are working toward an evolution where there are only heads.

I hope I don’t step on one of them.