Non-Fiction Ideas

kardashianI’m primarily interested in writing fiction but I would like to get my writing career started so I’ve been researching ghost writing possibilities:

Kim Kardashian—The Days She Wasn’t in Social Media

I’m still working on research for that one because so far there are only five days so it’s not even an article.

Babe Ruth—So I Drank So What?

With all of the steroid accusations in baseball over recent years, we take a look back at how an abused body scored big runs.

Thomas Edison—Why Did I Invent That?

Recent evidence suggests that Thomas Edison suffered from incurable insomnia due to seeing the glowing filament every time he tried to fall asleep.

We Got Ya!—The Clintons Presidencies

This is the manifesto of how the Clinton’s take over the world, but I think it has to wait until Hilary is elected.

The Bushes: It Just Proves Anyone Can Become President

Same thing, might be a question of Jeb Bush’s candidacy the same as Mrs. Clinton.