Your Feet are Blocking My View

feetIt always struck me as more of a female thing, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, just seemed that women would take pictures of themselves on the beach and they’d be showing off their toes—I never blamed them, I’m sure a pedicure is expensive.  I’d want to show it off too. But no, I was wrong, it’s men too, taking pictures of the view they’re looking at, the vista, and they can’t get their feet out of the way!

Now I’m not even going to go there, like why can’t they just stand up and take a picture. No, I’ll give it to them that they are sitting there, relaxing, the view is beautiful and they want to share it (read: make you jealous, make you suck it, because they’re there and you’re not).

So how hard is it to put your feet down for a second or or LIFT THE CAMERA UP A BIT?

They’re cell phones for God’s sake, you can see what you’re taking a picture of in the whole screen!  And screens are huge, you’re not looking through the tiny viewfinder of a Kodak Instamatic (look it up).

So what is it? Do you want us to see your feet? Are you proud of your feet? Do you picture stomping on us like the little cities in the Godzilla movie? Or are you just too crazy crazy lazy?

Or…am I missing something? Is life better laying back with your feet up? Should I be writing this blog on my phone stretched back instead of sitting upright in a chair? I don’t know if I could, I get too energetic and have to get up and walk around when I write. I wouldn’t be able to lay there and finish a blog. I’ll never know, I’ll never know the joy, the feeling that elicits taking those photos and then posting them on Facebook of all to kneel at my feet.

Besides, I think my feet are too small so I’d never take a picture of them. Maybe that’s it, I’m just jealous.


2 thoughts on “Your Feet are Blocking My View

  1. I’ve taken those beach feet photos…Yes, 1. To show off my pedicure! 2. To make my sister in Brooklyn jealous of my FL weather! 3. To show her I’m retired, and can relax at the beach whenever I want to! 4. “Cause I’m too settled in and lazy to get up and move out of my lounge chair! But, I’ve never seen a guy post anything remotely like beach feet photos!! Guys should be fishing, jogging, wave running, or throwing some sort of round object over a net, or something! Yeah, you’re right, it’s weird!!

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