What America Wants

Last week I found myself continuously pondering a video clip I’d seen where Alfonso Ribeiro, on Dancing with the Stars, talked about doing the Carleton, a dance he performed as a character on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and how he was bringing it out to give “America what it wants.” I don’t remember thinking that and I’m an American. So who wants it? And what else does America want?


And then it struck me. Today we celebrate a federal holiday to honor a man who landed on the wrong continent. He was looking for India. But it’s kind of fitting. We’re honoring our accidental discovery, which makes us the adopted kid. Every July 4th we honor the runaway. We’re a combination of the two, which means we simultaneously want a hug and we want to lash out. We don’t know what we want.

Which is perfect! We are all in the position to go to therapy, to figure out why we lash out, why we are always trying to either be like someone else or chastise them for being the way they are, to stop being mad at our parents.

America is in a position to learn how to get along better with everyone else. By examining our own issues we can realize our true identity and act genuinely. If we all act the best that we can be and the way we want to be instead of spending the time criticizing the others, I’ll bet we’ll get more done in government, in business, and in charity. We’ll balance this country out by all acting the way we should.

Alfsonso Ribeiro knew it. He did what made him popular. He did the Carleton. So let’s all do the American.


Antonio Todd for President

Antonio Todd introduces his platform as candidate in the Helping Hands party for position of the next  President of the United States of America.