From My View

I stand on the veranda of my apartment. Wait. I can’t lie to my readers. I’m on the third floor fire escape looking down on the street as the race fans walk to and from the Long Beach Grand Prix and I come to one conclusion, people are stupid.

Just kidding.

Really quite the opposite. People are amazing in their variety. All the various shapes and sizes, colors and what the hell is she wearing? How could someone so large wear something so small? Well more power to her for beingĀ that comfortable with her body.

I love to people watch and it got me to thinking about something. Amy Poehler had an amazing video that everyone should see. It’s about what we watch. It’s about the bad that we see. And so as I stand here looking out into the sunshine and being entertained by all these people, I’m going to suggest you take three minutes (if you haven’t seen it) and watch her speak.

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