A Conversation Between Angels CXXXIII

“Our Father who Art in heaven, now what do you get the guy that has everything, that created everything?”

“He’s a pretty simple guy, really, and just like most dads are happy with a new tie, he wants the same thing he wants every year—Peace on Earth.”

“And how do we get that?”

“By doing our job.”

“Our job”

“Yep. We pray.”

A Conversation Between Angels CXXXII

“Wow Sal, head in your hands, what’s troubling you.”

“It’s just so white here.”
“Yeah it is a little bright.”

“No I mean I’m used to a little splash of color.”

“I hear ya, I was a big colorful shirt fan.”

“No, no, for me it was about the stain.”

“The stain?”

“Yeah, I always wore white t-shirts, but I loved my beer stain.”


“My chili stain.”

“A classic.”

“I don’t know, you think there’s any way I could get away with a ketchup stain and say it’s the blood of Christ?”


A Conversation Between Angels CXXX

“Hey Stosh, you think people still miss us on Earth?”

“Of course, family, friends, even co-workers.”

“Well but I’ve been away a loonng time and everyone I ever knew, all my relatives, everyone’s passed on.”



“Even great grand-children, or great grand-nieces or nephews?”

“Last one showed up last weekend.”



“What, did you think of someone?”

“One of those kids had a turtle and I heard they can last a hundred years!”

“Well there you go.”

“Yeah. And they’re good at pacing themselves.”


A Conversation Between Angels XXXVII

“You know Harvey, I intellectually realize this is Paradise, but it’s sometimes hard to feel emotionally.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, in life I lived in Chicago so every Winter the wife and I would fly to Hawaii.”

“Oh nice.”

“Yeah and that way you saw the difference of the bitterness and lushness. So there’s nothing to compare it to now.”

“Well Chuck I think I can help you.”


“Yeah. You’re an asshole!”

“Thanks Harvey.”