The One Thing Apple Gets Wrong


Recently Apple computers reported record sales of their new iPhone 6 but also made a dramatic gain in the laptop computer market, and the reporter commented on how that was probably due to the increase in college students buying Mac over PC. And why not?  Around this time of year there are ads where college students can get a discount or a free iTunes gift certificate (depending on the year or offer) with their purchase. But what about those of us also starting something new? What about us loyal Apple consumers?  Where’s our bonus?

I started a new life when I started a new business two years ago. Why is that any different than a college student, heck at least I won’t be drinking and spilling on the keyboard.

Fancy bagel places have punch cards, fancy coffee places reward their frequent drinkers, how about us frequent bloggers, programmers, artists and social media nuts? I have had four laptops, two iMacs, there iPods and two iPhones. Then of course there’s additional hard drives, accessories, software and One on One Memberships. Where’s my love Apple?

It seems that you buy four, you get the fifth one free. Now I’m not greedy, I’ll leave it up to them as to what’s free—but let’s be sure it’s a device of some kind. I don’t think some bejeweled iPhone case is gonna reward my loyalty and devotion.

Now don’t get me wrong Mr. Cook, I’m a big Apple fan. I want you to know that I have and always will endorse your products. And I will gladly retract this blog if you found it offensive, upon receipt of my new Macbook Pro, as well as write a glowing review. Long Live Mac!