A Conversation with Angels 4

“Did you see that?”

“Yeah. If I would have ever talked to my Dad like that-”

“I know. But that’s what makes him The Almighty. Patience.”

“But still, how many times does he have to bring up the cross?”

“Well…it had to hurt.”

“Oh no doubt. But what’s it been, 2000 years? Aren’t they supposed to be big on forgiveness up here?”

“So I thought. And we are all God’s children so he is kind of busy.”


“Still, that’s got to be really hard to get over. And the way he says it, Daddy-”

“No, he doesn’t use Daddy then. He makes sure to use Father because that’s how everyone remembers it. And I’m going to be telling it at parties. It’s Father, why didn’t you hear the whole thing. I said ‘they know not what they’re doing’, but I also said ‘so get me out of here.'”