Applaud or Scream?




I recently got an iTunes gift card and on the back there is now the choice to either scratch with a coin to reveal the hidden code, or to simply grab the corner and peel the sticker off. This is the kind of thing that makes me go “Whaaaaaaaaatttt?????

Because I don’t know what to think. Why didn’t they do this so many years ago when they started? Has it become too difficult for the average human being to properly manipulate the edge of a coin against a scratch-able material? Should I be grateful to Apple for making our lives easier or should I protest and not buy any of their products because they are contributing to the dumbing down of America. We all know that’s not going to happen because how will I submit my blog if I have no Macbook Pro or iPhone to access the WordPress Dashboard?

Every Christmas my mom buys a couple of hundred dollars worth of lottery tickets and we sit there scratching away, the silver shavings blowing around the dining room table like the snow outside in suburban Chicago. Each year we win about twelve dollars. I believe this is because my parent’s have worked hard and don’t need the money and there is talent within me that should be used and I shouldn’t be merely handed a fortune. Apparently I’ve been waiting for the second half of my life.

The last time I took these winning lottery tickets to the 7-11 the woman made a big show about how she had to completely¬†remove the last of the shavings in order for the machine to read the results. She made a big show of this because she knew that I was not going to spend the money there. I was going to go the other side of the strip mall and buy an extra large coffee, black, half-decaf half-regular and a banana muffin. How did she know this? I don’t care because I just wanted Dunkin Donuts coffee and muffin because they don’t have them in Southern California. But she did know, she was right, and she had to do extra work because I didn’t operate a coin properly and remove all remnants revealing my prize.

We are not as careful as we can be, we are not as diligent as we need to be and I don’t think we should applaud Apple for making our lives easier, I think we should scream because we’re getting dumber. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to the 7-11 next door in Long Beach because their coffee’s pretty good.