The Silent Era

I watched the movie The Artist last night and it was absolutely wonderful. But it got me thinking, what would life be like if it were a silent movie.

Well, we’d have to make grand gestures to get people’s attention. Perhaps expose our private areas, take off our clothes in the most inappropriate situations or maybe cause a big ruckus outside of a restaurant or bar.

We couldn’t talk on the telephone so we’d have to text each other all the time. We wouldn’t be able to get each other’s attention verbally so we’d have to walk around looking at our phone’s waiting to see what other people had to say and what’s important.

At home we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other so we’d have to rely on the computer to keep us informed of each other’s activities. We’d have to instant message when we wanted to say something to anyone and post about our thoughts and feelings somewhere.

Thank goodness life isn’t silent, that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.