It’s So Hot



Yesterday it reached 93 degrees in Southern California. It’s been very cool (for here) in the 60s for most of the Winter and early Spring. So what did folks do? Complain.

We’re never happy. It’s always too cold or too hot, depending on where you live and what time of year. I’ll admit I chose to move here because I don’t like the cold, but i really didn’t think it was too hot yesterday.

Is it only us humans that complain because we can, or because we can’t hear the animals. Are the squirrels speaking in their squirrel language. “You know, a little bit more of a warning, a little more gradual change and the shedding would have occurred. And what about my nuts, I have not moved them from the Winter storage to the Summer unit.”

Are the fish complaining in their fish language. “Um, hello, me likes a sauna just like any other bluegill but a little warning and I could have chosen to move to a cooler spot.”

Are the birds complaining in their bird language. “I just flew in from Duluth and boy are my arms tired.”

ED: Sorry, wrong blog excerpt. Correct one to follow.

Are the birds complaining in their bird language. “If the weather would have been more predictable I would have just made the quick jaunt to Duluth instead of Winnipeg. I’m soaked.”

I think not. Because they adapt. They just groove with nature. Nope, it’s only us that are unsatisfied and stinky and sweaty. We don’t think about having water and cool foods instead of McDonald’s. Maybe it’s because it makes us feel connected-when we say it’s so hot we’re guaranteed to get some one to agree.