A Conversation Between Angels 3

“God’s kind of old.”

“I know. I figured people that were around forever got to pick their age. What’s with the long hair and the beard, I mean he looks like Jesus.”

“How about that omni-presents thing?”

“That/ is/ annoying! Hello. I’m trying to make my pearly whites look like the pearly gates and he’s all perving on me, staring at me in the mirror asking me if I’ve like atoned for my sins and stuff.”

“Totally. These gowns are so not flattering.”

“I know, does everyone have to wear white? I mean come on, it’s like Summer, can’t we have some color.”

“Yeah. I wish I was alive still, I want a Frappucino.”

“Oh My God, why’d you have to say that? ¬†They have no Starbuck’s here and that’s just so wrong.”

“I’m gonna tweet that.”

“Um, don’t you remember, they like took away our phones.”

“Oh right. This place blows.”