A Conversation Between Angels XIII


“Morning Abe.”

“Morning George.”

“What’cha doing?”

“Ah just reading the paper, taking a look at the opinions about the convention.”

“Why don’t you just watch it, we get every channel?”

“I thought studying by candlelight was hard, but watching those screens just bugs my eyes.”

“So what do you think of what happened?”

“You know these guys are just mean. The only thing Steven Douglas ever said is that it looked stupid without a mustache.”

“Yeah, I’m glad I ran unopposed. Guess it’s a good thing we didn’t have the media they have now, they would be all over my wooden teeth.”

“Oh yeah, and my hat. Everyone would come up with some sort of joke about compensating for size.”

“Hey if you had the kind of money that they spend on these conventions, what would you do with it Abe?”

“I would have given all the money to the slaves with my humblest of apologies and hoped that they could use it to start a new, prosperous life. You?”

“I would have gotten plugs.”