Water Cooler Talk 8-15-12

Every Wednesday, since I’m self-employed and have no co-workers, I put my water cooler talk out to Cyberspace.

If life gives you lemons you’re supposed to make lemonade. What do you do with the limes? They always seem to be together.

Someone please tell Justin Bieber he can’t dance like Michael Jackson so please stop trying.

MTV started when I was 19 so I’m not of that generation and I find quick edits really annoying; yet I love time-lapse photography.

The opposite of up is down, the opposite of right is left, what’s the opposite of diagonal?

Why doesn’t the Presidential election season start in October and just go for a month? That way they get out there, say their message and the polls don’t have to go up and down. They don’t change their platforms and with the current media as is they really don’t have to go all over. I think the days of shaking hands and kissing babies are unnecessary. As is listening to them bad-mouth each other for a year and a half.

When I was a kid I went through a number of hamsters, their death not my fault. But if Heaven exists are they going to make me run around on one of those wheels?

I think it’d be cool if shadows stood where they wanted to instead of where they’re told to.

If we took the contents of all the poopy pants that had ever existed, just how big of a pile of crap would that be?

If you took away all the sugar and caffeine would people slow down and be nice to each other?

Why doesn’t corn just pop on its own when it’s really hot like it’s been this Summer? Man that would be cool; a popcorn rainstorm!