A Conversation Between Angels XXVI

“Morning Fred.”

“Hi Scott.”

“I see you’re up early, trying to beat the cafeteria rush?”

“Yes and no. I don’t really know what time it is, obviously, but I do like it when I’m early. I prefer the eggs and they seem to run out of those first.”

“You don’t like the pancakes?”

“I just get a little sick of all the sayings they write on there.”

“They really do hammer at you don’t they?”


“Speaking of, did you see that lecture by Father Time?”

“Yeah, letting go of the clock. Um, hello, we already don’t have any of the devices we were used to.”

“But he makes a point about not being obsessed with the idea of time, with the need to be somewhere, with the need to judge yourself based on whether or not you get something done in a certain amount of time.”

“Well then why didn’t he go to Earth and give us the lecture while we were down there. I might not have had this heart attack.”