Naughty or Nice?



I don’t have a television but I watch TV programs on my laptop. So I’m curious if the commercials that are being played in between The BIg Bang Theory are just random or are they specifically targeted to me?

See, I’m kind of a sap. I kind of get weepy really easily and therefore am prey to those talented filmmakers and editors that can play my heart strings like a violin virtuoso. I’m also learning more about the Internet and how we’re being targeted because of our behavior on there, our shopping habits, our location, our Facebook likes. But do they also have a way into our emotional psyche?

I don’t click on kitty pictures, I have no cute children to post photos of on Instagram, so how do they know that they’re going to get me with a commercial about kids getting into college? Is corporate America changing, slowly, and showing their good side, or do they think that once I see that commercial I will only shop at their store.

Are they being naughty or nice?

Will I eventually move my account because the bank has a commercial where they support “the little people?” Will I buy a car because I will get to see more beautiful, awe inspiring scenery? Will I switch my body gel because that’s the woman I want?

I don’t know. The optimist in me wants to think that most are trying to show their good side, but the pessimist says it’s all for a buck. But it really doesn’t matter. They don’t win. Cause I don’t have any money!