A Conversation Between Angels XCVII

“You know it’s interesting to me.”

“What’s that?”

“Well that we really don’t get wings.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Well no, it’s just that I loved the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life and so I always expected to hear the bells when I got my wings.”

“So you miss what Clarence go to do, going down to Earth to help?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Nope. You’re stuck here.”


A Conversation Between Angels LXXII

“Welcome to Angels Support Group, I’m Peter in case you didn’t remember me from Orientation. It’s our hope that we can answer any questions you might have. Charlie, are there any concerns you’d like to share?”

“Yes, I was wondering if I can go back and change my will because I didn’t realize what a money grubbing-”

“Whoa whoa Charlie, we’re trying to leave our anger there, as well as our pin number. I’m sorry no.¬†Stacy?”

“Yes is this all there is, white? Cause I’m really more of an autumn.”

“Yes, we’re all the same here. And what about you Max?”

“I was wondering when I get to go help someone like Clarence helped George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life?”

“Why Max, that is a very lovely thought, but we need you to get acclimated here first. There’s a really long list.”