Valentine’s Day is wasted on The Relationship-Ed

There’s an old saying-“youth is wasted on the young” or “childhood is wasted on children” or “diapers are wasted on tots cause they’ll just poop the next one.” Something like that.

And I was thinking yesterday that Valentine’s Day is wasted on those in a relationship. This observation came about after a visit to the grocery store at 4pm. I couldn’t believe how many people were walking around with helium balloons, bad hothouse roses and Snickers hearts (ok that was me.) And the more amazing thing to me was that the majority were women!

Ok now this is just a small sample of the population so I don’t want to make any generalizations here. Just an observation. They were mostly well-dressed women, busy career women I imagine-but still; men, women, waiting til the last minute?

What’s up with that? Last minute date? Not the Valentine you really wanted? Waiting to see what the other one has planned or is spending first? Lame-O.

My dad’s in his seventies, been married 51 years and I guarantee he ordered and got the freshest, most beautiful roses. Sure he’s retired and has time, but people come on.

Those of us that are single and romantics sit around dreaming about what we’d do for our women (or men.) it’s not about money or lavish gifts, it’s about the thought. So let’s see you folks buck up for next year or maybe do something spontaneous soon-or we’re stealing your hotties from right under your noses.