Tickle Me Lawyer


So I get off the bus and I see the above sign in the window but I thought it said¬†“Tickle Lawyers.”¬†Which made me laugh. What if lawyers were fun? What if lawyers were funny?

So let’s take a look. Picture this courtroom situation:

“Miss Silvers, you say that you were on the other side of town at 11:18?”

“Yes that’s correct.”

“Is it really? Getchie get chi goo. Come on now. Who’s the liar? Who’s the liar? I got your nose.”

Or maybe they would lower their fees if tickled. People are known to give in who are extremely ticklish.

“And the rate is $500 per hour. Ha ha. Ok $400. Ha haha ha ha. Okay $300. HAHAHAHAHA. Okay pro bono!”

And the biggest advantage that I see, is that a smiling, laughing, lawyer would probably not be able to contain the truth.

“Ok, seriously, you’re gonna lose. Cut your losses and file bankruptcy. I’ll have you out to my boat and we’ll have a nice sail.”

Lawyers always get a bad rap and I know some lawyers and they deserve it. Just kidding guys, remember you get a free magic show, I get free advice. But even they would admit that the profession could use a little humor. The judge with a giant prop gavel, maybe the DA talks through a ventriloquist dummy, turn that TV show from the 80s, Night Court, into the reality. Sure would make it easier when you ended up losing. And a little tickle would go a long way.