The Challenge Blog


A recent blog was commented on by one of my longest running followers, sagescenery of and out of it came a very interesting idea for a blog-the challenge blog. That is, give me a topic and I’ll write a blog.

Perhaps it was my ego that got to me. She thanked me for always making her laugh, I said it was my pleasure, “give me a topic and I’ll write a special blog for you.” So I opened my mouth. But the more I thought about it the more I thought how fun. I started in comedy as an improviser, studying in Chicago before I could even legally drink. And that’s the basis of improvisation, creating something out of nothing, or often, from audience suggestions. So here we go.

Here’s the suggestion from the audience: “Let me see…Hmmm…”people who irritate you!” (In a funny way, of course!) Like…I’m irritated by people who won’t let my morning coffee settle in, before they start demanding things…like decisions! Ha! (Hubby that was for you!!)” Or those people who obviously don’t know what leaving a message on my cell is all about…”Call me back!” is not a message!! What do you want?!?! E-mailing me with ‘Call me back” is not acceptable either! (You people know who you are!!) Ha!

Ok, Sage, we’ve got a suggestion of irritating people, take it away actors.

I myself can not really relate to this issue. You see, I get along with everyone at all times. Ok, maybe I should be more specific. I can get along with everyone at all times in my imagination. I start my day off with some light yoga and meditation. In this “space” there is only love. So I take that love and I step outside with it. And then the real people get in the way.

That’s the problem. Real people. Because real people think they’re so smart and think that their agenda is the one that should be followed. What they don’t realize is that I know everything and should be merely followed, observed and learned from. But noooo. Apparently my aura is not strong enough yet to permeate adults, but it is there because little children and pets have always gravitated to me. You know, the pure at heart.

But the adult population wants what they want and want it when they want it. So they interrupt my bliss the way Sage’s hubby interrupts her coffee. And let’s face it, there are only a few who are enlightened enough on this planet not to need coffee. That first cup in particular is sacred and should be revered.

Maybe it’s all the noise noise noise (sorry watched the Grinch last night) and we all need to take a few more breaths in the morning. Maybe if we start our days respectful of our own and other’s cups of coffees we’d start a pattern. The we’d take a breath before we left a message on voicemail and thought of the other end and not just our own mission. And then before we know it, everyone is thinking about everyone else and there’s no more girls flashing because they’d think of their parents, there’s no more silly news stories because media will realize someone gets hurt, and government will really think about the “people.”

Then again, maybe you should just go out for coffee.


Have a blog topic, I’m ready for the challenge? I’ll fit it in when I can.  Thanks again sage scenery for the idea.